Phoebe, a girl of mine living in Vancouver, also won an audition, for a walk-on
(make that jump-on) part in a movie being shot there. Background performers
were given clear, firm instructions not to approach, or even look at, the stars of a
film called The Age of Adaline. Whoever laid down that law didn't speak
Airedale. The UK's Daily Mail ran a picture of Phoebe jumping on Gossip Girl
super starlet Blake Lively. As Airedale owners know, you can't keep a good
Airedale down. Lively was trying to fend off Phoebe in the picture but the Daily
Mail described the actress as an animal lover who would have been happy to hug
Phoebe if it hadn't been for her stylish 1950s costume. Acting seems not to be the
route to buying Swarovski crystals. Phoebe got paid only $35 for her role.

Vancouver harbour with the grain terminal & Second Narrows bridge in the

taken on a lake near Fort St. James in BC.

at home -
according to owner Trish Pattenden
"she looooooves to get my bras and shake, shake, shake them".

Blake Lively just can't resist a cute canine when she sees one and in this case it
was her co-star. The 26-year-old actress - and animal lover - would have
undoubtedly smothered this Airedale Terrier with hugs had it not been for her
stylish wardrobe on the Vancouver, Canada set of Age Of Adaline.

Animal lover: Blake was obviously taken with this Airedale Terrier. When she saw
the dog she couldn't help but say hello, and to be fair probably encouraged the
pooch to jump up with both paws raised.

Don't mess the dress: The nicely attired star was careful not to let one of the
paws mess the outfit. Blake stroked the happy dog under the chin and the black
and tan dog stretched the leash held by the trainer.

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