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Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley should be musically inclined--she was named ZsuZse's Diamonds
and Rust
in honor of a Joan Baez song. Her household name came from a song
of her own choosing when the golden oldie HEY BO DIDDLEY came on the
radio one day when she was a youngster. Cocking her head to listen, Bo Diddley
positively danced toward the source of this intriguing beat. Like the legendary
bluesman she's named for, Bo Diddley had her own bag of tricks. Hot and
smoking as a puppy, the grown-up Bo Diddley channeled her energies into
introductory agility where she relished such challenges as climbing ladders,
jumping through hoops and scampering through tunnels.

BoDiddley has passed now but her great grandchildren carry on her best traits.

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