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They laughed when Remy set out to hunt. All those smug retriever owners just jeered at
the idea of an "airhead Airedale", as they called her, being a useful member of their
hunting party. Little did they know that the Airedale Terrier Club of America started
hosting annual flushing and retrieving trials run under spaniel and retriever rules in
the 1980's. Airedales have hunted everything from big game in Africa to cougars in
America and several of my offspring guard their farms and ranches against black bears.
So it was Remy who brought home the bacon or, in this case, the bird, on her first
hunting trip.
Ruby Tuesday has never been hunting but I suspect she'd be shocked and horrified at
the thought of doing damage to any kind of creature. Ruby is the gentlest of Airedales,
nurturing kittens, foals, other mum's pups, visiting Airedales. Given her mistaken
impression they're pets, even the barn mice and the trespassing pigeons are safe from
Ruby's harrassment. It was Ruby to the rescue last summer when my pack of Airedales
unearthed a litter of stray kittens in the barn. They were ushered to safety under
Ruby's watchful eye.

Different though their talents may be, Zsuzse's Goodbye Ruby Tuesday and Zsuzse's
Fire Opal (Remy) are sisters, puppies born in a litter named for precious jewels.
Ruby Tuesday is expecting her own jewels this summer. She should be having a litter of
puppies in July 2010.

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Suzanne Zwarun

Ruby Tuesday
(Zsuzse's Goodbye Ruby Tuesday)

(Zsuzse's Fire Opal)




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