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Zsuzse's Grand River Caledonia gave birth to 10 beautiful
puppies in 2013, her last litter. When she wasn't raising puppies,
Cali has been hiking the mountains around Canmore. Now she
has all the time in the world for wilderness adventures.
Three of her daughters will carry on Caledonia's legacy. All
three have inherited Cali's best features - her colour and her
wiry Airedale coat. Zenyatta, Pippin and Tilda have saddles
that are as black as ebony and tan furnishings that are vivid

Zsuzse's Grand River Caledonia

photo by Dusty Watson

T'was the month before Christmas and all through the house Santa was hollering
HoHoHo. My Airedales have tackled bears bravely but Caledonia took one look at
the jolly red giant with a beard to his belly and bolted. Given time to think it over,
she was re-introduced to Santa who happened to have a handful of treats.
Airedales are smart enough to know how the cookie crumbles. On second try,
Caledonia posed peacefully with not-so-scary Santa.

Cali's 2013 Puppies (Discovering the Outdoors)

Cali's 2013 Puppies (Five weeks old)

Cali's 2013 Puppies

2012 Puppies Exploring Autumn Leaves

2012 Puppies Discover the Outdoors
Six Weeks Old

2012 puppies, age three weeks.

Cali's 2012 litter, Two weeks old.

Cali's 2011 puppies at six weeks.

Cali's 2011 puppies at 14 days.

Post Puppy Caledonia

Looking and Feeling Fine

It's a tough life here in the Rockies...
Think I'll just bask in the sun for a bit

Cooleamber Tradition - (Ferb)
Sire of Caledonia's puppies 2011-2013

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